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Fun With Artz brings our expertise and novel pedagogy of Art Education into corporate events. Our programmes are inquiry-led and bring participants on a journey of in-depth discovery through themes such as leadership, creativity, and communication to create effective and empowered individuals. Whether it's team building sessions or learning & development programs you're looking for, Fun With Artz will cater a customisable and unique experience for you. Allow us to serve you up with fresh inspiration at your office or home! No event is too small or large for us. We will meet every corporate requirement in terms of budget. Our team of designers and instructors will be ready to make it happen for you.

Workshops are meant to be fun, destress and also promoting bonding with family, couples, friends, colleagues even as an individual within oneself. These arts & crafts activities incorporate educational contents like heritage, team building and history. It inspires creativity while gain knowledge of Clay as an art medium as well as appreciates the food we eat everyday.

Miniature Food Workshops

Miniature Food-Fried You Tiao Set (2 hours)

A traditional set to make with coffee and bowl of Soy milk.

Miniature Food- Fishball Bak Chor Mee Set (4 hours)

A display set fulfil with rooster prints miniature serving ware.

Kueh Tutu In Rattan Basket (2 hours)

Kueh Tu Tu Plate customized into a brooch/magnet or a Globe necklace.

Roti Prata set ( 3 hours)

You can learn on how to sculpt roti canai, how to paint realistically, how to make a Milo Dinosaur as well as the dhal!

Make your own favorite snack to fill into your own glass globe to wear as long necklace. All accessories provided

Jewelry Making (3-4 hours)

Unicorn (2 hours)

Usage of Japanese made air dry polymer clay to create this Unicorn. Can be use as display or cake topper.

Fishball Noodle Set (2- 3 hours)

Making your own chopsticks and usage of other material to complete this beautiful Miniature food display set.

Miniature Satay Set (2 hours)

Includes Cucumber, satay sauce, onions and ketupat seen in the photo.

Miniature Food - Chilli Noodle Workshop (3 hours)

Dan Dan Chilli Noodle Set - Completion of realistic looking chilli noodle set with soup and coffee set using Clay modelling techniques, cut-out basswood, casting and painting techniques. Topped with the yummy fried egg!

Dan Dan Chilli Noodle

Polymer Clay Animals ( 1.5 hours)

Come join us for an adventure into polymer clay and have lots of fun using this flexible, oven-bake clay to make your own figurines/dolls, animals. Choice of Oven baked or Air dry waterproof polymer clay

Animal Workshop

Mixed Rice Deluxe Set (6 Hours) Whole day Event - 30 mins break

Learn making realistic Singapore style miniature Mixed Rice Deluxe Set using Japanese made Air Dry Resin Clay! Create your own miniature food and design your Mixed Rice Set. Course Fee includes Tray, Coke Bottle, Rice Set, mini fork and spoon and you will get to bring home your completed very own masterpiece.

Mixed Rice Set

Clay Food Jewelry

Using Clay to make cute food accessories

Miniature Food Bread Workshop

Learn to create this beautiful breads on a wooden decoration piece! Great as a gift, or as a home decor piece and bring home the finished product!

Miniature Food Charm

Using Clay to craft a food miniature that you like and hook it into a piece of accessories.

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