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12월 16일 (토)



Dec Holiday Workshop DEALS

Dive into the world of our Miniature Food Clay Fishball Noodle Workshop! Unleash your creativity as you sculpt, mold, and craft adorable fishballs, noodles in this vibrant heritage rooster print bowls—all in miniature form. Join us for a hands-on experience where you'll learn the art of creating!

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Dec Holiday Workshop DEALS
Dec Holiday Workshop DEALS

시간 및 장소

2023년 12월 16일 오후 3:00 – 오후 5:00

Singapore, 1 Canberra Dr, Singapore 768101

이벤트 소개

Join us for a workshop that combines education, hands-on fun, and the joy of bringing tiny culinary visions to life!

Our comprehensive learning outline ensures an immersive and enjoyable experience as you master the art of crafting intricate miniatures.

  1. Introduction to Miniature Food Art: Discover the enchanting world of miniature food artistry. Explore the history and techniques behind crafting tiny clay culinary wonders. 
  2. Clay Basics: Learn the fundamentals of working with air dry polymer clay. Understand color mixing and texture techniques for realistic detailing. 
  3. Fishball Sculpting: Dive into the step-by-step process of sculpting perfect fishballs. Master shaping, texturing, and detailing to achieve lifelike results. 
  4. Noodle Crafting: Uncover the secrets of crafting miniature noodles. Experiment with different noodle shapes and textures for variety. 
  5. Bowl and Garnish Design: Explore techniques for adding tiny garnishes and realistic details. 
  6. Assembly and Presentation: Learn the art of assembling your miniature creation into a visually appealing display. Receive tips on presenting your finished masterpiece for maximum impact. 
  7. Troubleshooting and Tips: Address common challenges in miniature food crafting. Receive expert tips and tricks to enhance your skills. 
  8. Q&A and Creative Exchange: Engage in a fun lively Q&A session to clarify doubts and share insights. Connect with fellow participants for a creative exchange of ideas. 

By the end of our workshop, you'll not only have a delightful set of miniature fishball noodles but also the skills and confidence to continue your journey into the captivating world of miniature food art. 

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  • Miniature Noodle Workshop DEAL

    This ticket includes one set: 1. Noodle Bowl 2.2cm 2. Soup Bowl 1.2cm 3. Coffe Cup 1.2cm 4. Chilli Sauce (S) 5. Display Wooden Board (Handmade by Instructor) 6. Chopsticks, Spoon

    SGD 70.00
    서비스 수수료 - SGD 1.75
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