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Miniature Food Jewelry Workshop

Please contact Deborah at 9137 8336 / if you have any queries on this course. This workshop covers basics on air dry non toxic polymer clay accessories making, tailored to suit all levels. It provides an understanding on usage of clay, simple clay settings, attaching the clay pieces to metal parts to be used as earrings and accessories.

  • No make up lesson is allowed for any missed lesson

  • No refund is given for withdrawal when the course is confirmed

Course Duration

10 hours over 4 sessions

Course Outline

Interesting highlights of the Programme:

  • Learn to make miniature clay food and hook them as earrings and accessories.

  • Design and make your own pair of kaya toast earrings and wear them with pride!

  • Learn the art of mini food clay sculpture in this workshop

  • Art pieces are subject to changes.

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