Glass Globe Necklace - Milk rabbit sweet hand-made

US$ 48.21

Glass Globe 3cm long Necklace Roll, Shake and watch these tiny little nostalgic rabbit sweet fall around in a glass globe. I have now made our favorite sweet so tiny stuffed them with oven baked polymer clay and sealed in this 30 mm diameter glass globe forever to be worn. Measurements & Specifications Antique Bronze Long Chain Necklace Total length of chain: Non-Adjustable, approx. 26 inches (sits slightly below chest area above table top) Size of Globe: Approx. 30 mm diameter As the globe is fragile, please handle it with care. At any time if your glass globe is broken, we help with servicing with a fee of $15 I will buy a new glass globe for you. So be sure not to throw the tiny cute boxes away, mail them to me, I will help to mail them back in a new globe. Mailing fee to be born by the sender. We will absorb one way back mailing fee. A handmade product. Depending on product availability, if product is not available we will need around 3 business days of production before mailing. This globe is filled with 25 pieces of sweets. It was printed by professional printer, cut trimmed, and folded, processed and filled up using clay all by hand. Took a min of 2 days work to fill up this globe.