Miniature Food Sculpting Workshop Package make Clay food
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Miniature Food Clay Satay

Workshop - Miniature Food Sculpting Package

US$ 370.88

Explore & Make Miniature Food in Singapore. Do join us for this series of miniature food making workshops using clay and other materials. This session will cover 5 different types of Singapore Popular dishes. There will be 5 sessions in this package that teaches the usage of different Clay and other complementary materials. 1. Select any Noodle Set from the photo (Resin Clay) 2 hours 2. Nonya Kueh Set (Oven Baked Polymer Clay) 2 hours 3. Bread Toast Set ( Oven Baked Polymer Clay) 2.5 hours 4. Assorted Bread set in Basket (Resin Clay, Resin) 1.5 hours 5. Satay Set (Resin Clay, Resin) 2 hours This workshop is suitable for beginners with a minimum age of 10 years and above.