Mniature Food-Satay on Wooden Board

US$ 29.67

Dollhouse Miniature Satay with sauce for LatiYellow/Pukifee and similar size dolls (16cm height) 1 set available 100% hand sculpted without mold & hand painted by me Wooden Board- 6cm by 4cm Everything will be attached on the board. There will be 4 sticks of meat satay. 2 mutton 2 Chicken meat. Ketupat,cucumber and sliced onions. All will be attached onto the board. **Materials ** Oven baked polymer clay, Resin, ceramic dish/wooden board **Please note that* * -These are handmade items so, each items may look slightly different. -Colors may look slightly different from photo. Please be noted that all elements were attached using white glue. *** Cautions *** Ceramic Bowl are fragile, and should be handle with extra care. High quality paint is used and colours will never fade. You may want to keep in a glass case to keep them out of dust. (◦'ںˉ◦) Kindly check the measurement provided. Bowls measures 30mm in diameter from the top. Thank you for shopping with me. I hope you enjoy shopping with me :) All images, ideas, designs and content © Funwithartz. All rights reserved.