Modena Resin Clay - White 150g
Modena Resin Clay - White 150g Air Dry Polymer Clay
Modena Resin Clay - Clay Figurines
Modena Resin Clay - White 150g Clay Unicorn

Modena Resin Clay - White 150g

US$ 14.84

Modena Soft is air dry clay, soft, flexible and 50% lighter than Modena. Virtually unbreakable and waterproof after dried. Clay color is white like ceramic, and is even like porcelain finished with Sealer or Super Gloss Varnish. The color never fades. It can be used to create colored clay by mixing acrylic and oil paints. Suitable for flowers, sweets & deco. It is non-toxic. Do not mix it with stone clays, oil clays, or wood formo. 【Caution】 Modena series clay contains high percentage of resin and it makes easier to be affected by the temperature. Therefore, Modena Series clays cannot be stocked in the condition of under 0 degree. Proper storage temperature is 5-25 degree. - Modena Soft 150 grams Shipping Weight: 0.17kg ~pre order is allowed takes about 1 week