Unicorn Friends Clay Box Kit - 4-in-1
Unicorn Friends Clay Box Kit 4-in-1
Air dry Clay-craft kit
Clay Kit DIY Unicorn Friends Clay Box Kit

Unicorn Friends Clay Box Kit 4-in-1

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Sculpt 4 different Air-Dry Clay Unicorns in the form of Memo Holder, Bobble Spring, Pencil Topper and Keychain with instructions on how to build them from scratch. Air-Dry Clay is a lightweight clay made specially for kids' craft. Improve on motor skill when rolling, squeezing, twirling, and pulling Air-Dry Clay into 3D shapes, you can add decorations with jewel stickers and wiggly eyes at the end! Also included is a set of 3 clay tools for creating interesting textures on the clay! Our Air-Dry Clay is certified: Non-Toxic Safe For Children Conforms to International Safety Standard EN71 Content: 6 x 28gm Air-dry clay 2 x MDF round base 1 x Jewel sticker sheet 1 x Memo clip 1 x Plastic pipe 1 x Spring 1 x Keychain 1 x Clay tool set 7 x Wiggly eyes 1 x 5.5ml White glue Pre-order Item * (7 days shipping allowance)