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Online Learning Clay Nigiri’s 6 pieces set

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Create 6 pieces of sushi 1. Salmon sushi 2. Maguro sushi (Tuna) 3. Hamachi sushi 4. Amaebi sushi (Prawn) 5. Ikura sushi (Salmon Roe) 6. Tamago sushi (Egg) Discover the entire process to create unique shapes and textures to make cute clay sushi. You can create your collection of sushi using your own clay as well. Watch my live demonstration at your availability. Follow along with me and create this awesome cute set of clay Nigirishi sushi plate in one or multiple of the styles we work on throughout the online session. Throughout this class, you'll learn: - The supplies, materials, and tools needed to make clay food. - Learn about how you can make use of tools you can find around you. - Simple clay modelling and painting techniques that works for countless color combinations - Simple Color Mixing - Tips for rolling and cutting your clay - Simple finishing techniques.

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