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Clay Education 

Syllabus Breakdown

Painters Palette

Course Objectives

Art Supplies

Class Policy


Class Policies: Class Policies

Clay Education

(8 sessions per course)

Our curriculum involves expressive and aesthetic activities that young or adult will enjoy. We aim to enable our learners to understand and value art expressions throughout life. Learners will demonstrate the understanding and use the unique qualities of Clay as an artistic medium to compose individual art pieces.


- History of clay art applications and their processes (media and materials).
- Express visual ideas through creating a three-dimensional clay article.
- Explore ways of conveying form and texture in a clay sculpture.
- Design Fundamental
- Decoration and drying procedure 
- Execution of Drawing in Clay
- Different methods of Shaping
- Basics of Dynamic Forms
- Design Practical

Schedule Overview

Unit Breakdown

Unit I: Introduction
Unit II: Getting to know the materials
Unit III: Techniques
Unit IV: Application
Unit V: Practice
Unit VI: Design
Unit VII: Tips and Tricks
Unit VIII: Concluding Remarks

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