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About Fun With Artz

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A Singapore based training company specializing in Arts Education providing fun and educational workshops for age 31 months to working adults. Having undergone professional training from Lasalle College of Art, NAFA. Our Team leads by Senior Instructors who are also AMIS (Art & Music Instructor Schemes) and CCA/VISUAL ART (SCULPTURE)  registered with the Ministry of Education Singapore. Each of them have years of teaching experience in schools.


Our Brand

Fun With Artz emphasis the core values of the business, highlighting its commitment to unlock the creative potential within each individual while fostering a sense of mastery in the artistic journey.

Our programs aim to transform the power of art and the freedom to explore, innovate and express oneself artistically. We provide a supportive environment where creativity knows no bounds.


Our dedication to nurture artistic growth and proficiency communicates the commitment to provide professional guidance, expert instruction, and a comprehensive curriculum that empowers learners to develop their artistic skills and achieve mastery in their craft and reinforces a supportive and skill-focused learning environment.


Our fine arts curriculum emphasis critical thinking, creative thinking, hands-on studio craft, and cross-disciplinary applications great for students, professional training and Team-building.

Our Mission

We are Art trained Instructors providing holistic Art programs in Singapore. It is our mission to stay relevant to the needs of schools in Singapore, providing quality holistic programs through strategic collaboration, and seamless integration with industry specialists.


My name is Veavee

Events Manager, Sales/Marketing, Digital Marketing‎.

E-Commerce Web Design. Design & Development

Designer / Art Instructor AMIS & CCA Art registered since 2009.

Meet Veavee, an artist, educator, and your teacher for her creations.

A Singapore miniature artist makes hyper-realistic models of shop fronts with food models, hawker stalls and diorama room scenery.

My creations began in 2009 creating pieces within a variety of categories such as dolls, animals, furnitures and ceramics that required firing in a kiln. 

Hear about her creative journey, which led her into the world of dollhouse miniatures and make them into accessory design. Learn about her inspirations and her influences.

Get an overview of the tools and materials needed for the course, as well as some important best-practice and safety tips. Veavee goes over a several clay modelling techniques and metal parts to choose from.

Learn how to make your clay slab, as well as how to cure and bake your clay pieces. Next, see how to drill the holes needed for assembly, and put everything together.

Afterward, she shows you how to style your pieces. To wrap up the course, discover how to improvise the techniques and apply onto your own creations.

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Our Story

A little bit about me. The founder of Fun With Artz.
Hello, my name is Veavee. I come from a creative background as a designer since 1999.

Was 5 years in the industry where I found the job not as fulfilling as I wanted it to be.

I started my teaching career as a co-teacher in 2008 working with my classmate who owns a teaching company name as Clayworkerz. I assisted as a facilitator in primary schools for about year. Not long after I began as an independent facilitator and instructor on my own, from preparation of lessons to teaching, firing and glazing the work pieces. This teaching journey in schools took more than 7 years before I started to explore teaching Art as an educator using all other types and brands of non toxic clay materials for younger age group.

I am very thankful many good artists /educators came along the way who co-teach with me many art programs and enrichments for schools. We are now on our 14th year creating and sharing our skills to bigger groups, not only to children but to corporate sector. Engaging in crafting activities can serve as a form of stress relief, helping adults unwind and relax after a busy day at work. It provides a therapeutic outlet to channel emotions and reduce stress levels. Crafting together fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among staff members. Collaborating on projects encourages communication, cooperation, and mutual support, strengthening bonds within the team.

About Me.

Start your course by getting to know the instructor.

Veavee graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts in 1999 with a Diploma in Visual Communications. She has been teaching Clay Art and Ceramics for local schools in Primary, Secondary, ITE, Preschool as an independent facilitator since 2009.

Since 19 years old, she has been developing her technical and management skills in this highly competitive industry. 

Specialize in Clay art, craft designer, crafter and program writer. Her specialty also includes holiday crafting and making art. She currently teaches Corporate events, Virtual Craft Workshops and daily private classes at her home studio. 

Besides teaching Veavee also handcraft wearable mini food and collectible items for dollhouse display and as home decors items.

Plan, Create and Craft Art Programs for Schools, Private & Corporate Events. Design and develop artworks for marketing posters, brand look books, brochures, advertisement, online collaterals and business stationery. Product photography skills. Create visuals and content for social media marketing.

She first obtained a Clay Dealership and trained with Korean Clay curriculum since 2009.

Now we have partnered and a retailer of Japan manufactured Clay, Resin and Craft products from Padico Japan.

Planning and making different kinds of furniture using hand cut wood pieces, plants, and decors. Explore the endless possibilities of this new art form and learn to build the space of your dreams, but in a portable size! Learn how to craft charming furnitures and accessories from scratch using accessible materials. Building amazing small miniature interiors from scratch​.


6 May 2023 to 1 November 2023

Professional Certificates

Nanyang Technological University - NTU Singapore

(SCTP) Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Measurement and Analytics

Google PPC And Display Ads 

Google Analytics

Introduction to Geragogy Guidelines 2022

July 1996 - August 1999


Lasalle College of Arts

Diploma in Visual Arts Design Communications.

Major in Advertising

2009- April 2010

Diploma at Professional Level

Cambridge International Diploma

Design: planning and preparation
Practice: teaching and learning in action
Assessment: assessing progress and achievement
Evaluation: improving teaching and learning

August  2016 - 08 Jun 2017

Advanced Certificate in Early Years (ACEY)

SEED Institute

Infant, Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Group

Meet The Team


Yu hui




I am really thankful for the support of my team members. 

Bryan - Art Director and Marketing

Yu Hui - International Trade and Business

Grace - Instructor 

Alvin - Operation Manager

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