Bread earrings (Flash deal) 7th Sept (Sat): 11am - 1pm 14th Sept (Sat): 11am - 1pm 9th Sept (Mon): 11am - 1pm 11th Sept (Wed): 11am - 1pm 21st Sept (Sat): 11am - 1pm   Nonya earrings - ongoing, dates to be updated every month 28th Sept (Sat): 11am - 1pm 9th Sept (Mon) : 1pm - 3pm 11th Sept (Wed): 1pm - 3pm 21st Sept (Sat): 1pm-3pm   Gem biscuit earrings - only starting in Oct (10.10), ongoing Every Saturday in Oct: 11am-1pm   3hr Cake earrings workshops for 2 pax - ongoing 29th Sept (Sun): 3pm - 6pm 23rd Sept (Mon): 12pm - 3pm 12th Oct (Sat): 1pm - 4pm 22nd Oct (Tue): 2pm - 5pm

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A quick tutorial on how to make these adorably cute cups of coffee using UV resin. You can top it up with whipped cream and swirly candy sticks on top :) Don't forget to subscribe for more awesomeness!

Dollhouse Miniature Coffee Mugs